Nippon Ichi developed.

Despite not being officially announced for the west (yet), Nippon Ichi has just announced that they will be releasing Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten in January next year, and Criminal Girls INVITATION (working title) this winter in Japan.

Disgaea 4 will be a reworked port of the PS3 title and although no news has been announced on Vita specific features or extras, Disgaea 3 was a mighty fine port (and will be reviewed fairly soon). Criminal Girls INVITATION looks like a remake of the PSP title Criminal Minds however the original never made it to the west so whether it will this time is unknown. You can bet your life Disgaea 4 will though; it’s probably Nippon Ichi’s most popular franchise in the west.

As always, we will update you as and when we have more but in the mean time the title art can be seen below.

CriminalGirlInvitation Disgaea4Return



  • HassanJamal

    Good news. Was holding up for a vita version. Thankfully, its been announced.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    I get your point but both being remakes they should have exclusive conent.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice! There’s been an increasing trend of Japanese games for the Vita heading westward so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see all of these titles on our shores sooner or later.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Japan is the one making the titles people want to spend on. Plus it’s more affordable for Sony and friends to localize a lot of Japanese titles and increase the library in all territories. I just hope this time Criminal Girls makes it. Every title counts right now.