… more fun for everyone as a ton of stretch goals have been reached.

We told you about Soul Saga a few weeks ago; it’s a kickstarter-backed video game based on classic PlayStation RPGs. At the time of announcement on The Vita Lounge it had just gained a PlayStation Vita stretch goal and had yet to meet it, as well as any others. Today the campaign is over and not only did Soul Saga hit that Vita goal, but it pummeled through eleven more goals (ten of which apply to future owners on Vita).

At $195,000+ of their original $60,000 goal, here’s the goodies you are now going to get in-game;

Voice Acting
Voice acting can really help tell a story and give new personality to characters. If this stretch goal is met, then The story of Soul Saga can be portrayed by professional voice actors!

Your very own airship to sail the skies of Medonia! This opens up an airship exploration system similar to Skies of Arcadia. No adventure is complete without an airship!

Airship Combat!
Hunt and conquer the giant beasts of the sky, and sink pillaging sky pirate ships! This opens up a whole new combat system and epic enemies!

Soul Saga goes to WiiU! Imagine it… Playing Soul Saga on your big screen TV and taking advantage of the intuitive new Game Pad screen. Soul Saga would be perfect here! (You’ll be playing this on Vita, right?)

Job Board
The Job Board opens up a TON of side quests for Mithos to take his guild on. People from around the world petition Guilds to help them. You’ll find quests from slaying monsters to capturing murderous villains to even evacuating citizens from a falling island!

Legendary Weapons
Weapons so epic they have their own storylines just to find them! You’ll be sent through forests, dungeons, and ruins across Medonia to earn your unique treasures.

Guild Master
Mithos gets a bigger team! This opens up more playable characters Mithos can recruit to his Guild. Find hidden guild members scattered across the world, and bring them together to realize your dream of becoming the world’s strongest Guild Master!

Guild Hall
Recruit Guild members, assign them teams, and give them jobs! This is where you really get to shine as a Guild Master. Managing your Guild is an important aspect to success. Send your teams on remote missions to find treasure, discover lost landmarks, find hidden dungeons, run your Guild businesses, craft items, and more!

Forgotten Beasts
Beasts so frightening and powerful that time itself can not kill them. These ancient monstrosities lie in wait for you to prove your strength. But can you defeat them?

Guild Battles
A whole new strategic combat mode that allows for massive scale battles by splitting your members into teams! Fight wars against hordes of enemies and claim your victory!

Atelier of Souls
The Atelier of Souls is a mysterious Tower with ever-changing, living corridors. The Atelier appears and vanishes as it pleases, it’s origins unknown to modern man. The Atelier is a maze filled with traps and monsters that have never been conquered. Could there even be a better way for Mithos to prove his Guild’s strength? Not only will you need to delve into the Atelier of Souls yourself, but you’ll have to split your team up to help explore the whole Atelier! What treasures await you in this mysterious and deadly place?

Sounds like a hell of a game for classic RPG fans, will you be picking up Soul Saga in 2014?


  • Tony King

    I’m really looking forward to this, but dissapointed that it didn’t reach 200,000

    • Kurisu Makise

      I really wanted to throw down money for this, financial difficulties are a pain though but I should be much better before this even launches and if it’s still up for paypal donations in a few weeks, I should be able to slide my contribution in then. I do believe the paypal donations are going to count towards the stretch goals so it may be 200k yet!

    • He has a paypal up that is still going towards the other stretch goals just so you know 😀

  • Buckybuckster

    So so happy that this puppy’s getting done….. with extras! With the ever increasing number of titles, my wallet will surely be screaming for mercy from my “wreckless” spending habits lol!

    Maybe I shoud give some serious consideration to my plot to kidnap Murphy and hold him for randsom to fund my future gaming purchases. Just a thought………

  • WhyWai

    a kickstarter project. hope they can deliver.. will keep an eye on this project.

  • Woo can’t wait I backed this hope it turns out to be good and im getting it for the WiiU…..HAHAH just kidding but i do have a WiiU that doesnt get played lol