Still some time before Still Time hits our Vitas…

Earlier today indie developer Alan Zucconi announced that he’s hoping for his work-in-progress project Still Time to debut on PSVita sometime late next year. He’s also looking for a graphic artist who could help him bring the game to the handheld.

You can find the Still Time trailer on the official website here, or even try the alpha build yourself here.

Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell was highly impressed by the game and showed it to SCEE’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who then contacted Alan Zucconi to bring Still Time to PlayStation Vita.

  • Undrey

    I love Shahid.

  • Alan Zucconi

    Thank you for this article! 🙂 As I said, nothing is set in stone yet!
    But I am confident (and I hope!) that “Still Time” will be on PSVita, eventually! XD

    • Michael Rogers

      It better be! 😀

      • Alan Zucconi

        It better be indeed Michael! XD

    • Awesome! Cant wait good luck with everything! Im sure Shahid will be a big help with getting you all the info you need!

  • Buckybuckster

    And the Vita indie bliss continues to roll on. Keep ’em coming!