Is this a trend? I’m thinking so – and not a bad one at all =D

On their Kickstarter page Liege creator John Rhee has posted a new set of stretch goals, including one for the PlayStation Vita.

Currently sitting at just over $34,000, the stretch goal for a PlayStation Vita version is set for $52,000 with eleven days left to go of its month-long campaign. It’s worth noting that while only just over 3/5 of the way to the PSVita goal, the current total of $34,000 is over double the needed funding for the project; a mere $15,000.

You may be asking “what is Liege?” – let us help a little without digging too deep (we’ll include a source link);


  • Liege is a party-based, tactical role-playing game for the Playstation 4, Vita, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Liege is a game that’s inspired by Japanese RPG classics, chess, and others.
  • Liege is an interactive epic about ordinary people like us, placed in fantastic, larger-than-life circumstances. In equally vague terms, it’s a game about family, power, love, death, and other way serious, totally heavy things.
  • Liege is being planned as a trilogy with a continuous story arc, with the first release scheduled for early 2014.
  • The Story – Mature narrative & story driven gameplay
  • The Tactics – Elegant, seamlessly integrated tactical combat
  • The Art – Unique, high-definition, lovingly hand-drawn art

At the core of the gameplay is a system of unit classes and banners. Each class develops over time with specialized characteristics which are designed to interact in interesting ways; for example, you can arrange your pikemen into a phalanx with strong directional defense to defend rear archers, but certain advanced Knight classes are well suited to break this formation. Banners add further depth by granting stat bonuses to favored classes.

The game emphasizes spatial elements over leveling and equipment, so you won’t be able to grind until your party is effectively invincible. Your units will always be vulnerable; in fact, a single direct strike to an undefended unit will often prove fatal. Unused actions during your turn will determine your unit’s defensive ability during enemy turns. As a result, you will always need to balance evasion and defense, with well-timed, coordinated offense to survive.

Need more? hit the links below – there’s heaps.


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  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool, and it reached it’s vita stretch goal. Looking forward to getting this… love SRPGs.