SCEE’s Tony Clark teases “many cool things” for PS4 and Vita at Gamescom

In a tweet earlier today Tony Clark from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe teased us with a PSVita hashtag, referencing the upcoming gamescom (starting Aug. 21st) as having “many cool things” to show us.

We’re not saying get your hopes up, but at least have some popcorn at the ready.


  • Anthony Brinklow

    I’m starting to not get taken in by the Vita hype before each event as it will inevitably be a Sly Collection and that’s it.

    • XtemmA2

      I hope there will be Miku. Oh, and Rin, …and Meiko.

  • Avioto

    I guess this is the chance for Sony to redeem itself, but I am not getting my hopes up.

    • Tom Rae

      Redeem themselves for what exactly? They’ve had a fantastic year.

      • Cody TheThird Jesus

        Exactly. Social gamers don’t know shit. Love how people hate Sony for no reason.

        • Avioto

          Haha social gamers. This Sony hater owns a PSone, PSP, PS2, Vita, Xperia Play and a PS3. But hey, great contribution to this discussion. Keep it up!

          • Cody TheThird Jesus

            First off, Tom was talking about Sony as a whole cause they have and second, you jackass, it doesn’t matter what you own, doesn’t disprove you bashing on them is ok. Sure the Vita isn’t doing well but Sony is going back to the roots and is showing care for its community. DERP. Don’t see M$ ever giving a shit about its gamers.

          • Avioto

            Bashing lol. You’re not responding to anything I am actually saying and you sound like a complete fanboy. I’m sorry I touched the holy Sony, and thanks for this great discussion!

          • Magicman357

            They redeemed themselves years ago, you obviously dont own sony products and are full of shit. Xbot in disguise.

          • JonofPDX

            Don’t think he’s saying a thing about Microsoft or the XB1, and while Sony and SCE have had a great year it’s hard to argue that the Vita hasn’t lost ground against the 3DS (its major competitor)–and some of that IS Sony’s fault (how much is debatable, and I tend to think less than most).

            Pointing that out or saying that this is a chance for them to redeem themselves from their past struggles is hardly “bashing” them.

          • Cody TheThird Jesus

            Bashing was supposed to be used lightly but I guess sarcasm doesn’t exist online. Sure the Vita was fading in and out throughout the year but there’s no need to run your mouth about Sony of all companies. Sure they struggled with the PS3 but they showed they WILL return as reigning champion of home console gaming, battling aside with Nintendo.

          • JonofPDX

            …’kay. Sarcasm is hard to interpret in the written word–doubly so in an internet comment thread.

            As for Sony–I wouldn’t say they really suffered that much w/ the PS3. They more or less tied MS for second (dominating Europe and Asia while stumbling in the FPS-heavy NA market) behind Nintendo’s insane Wii sales.

            But the Vita has suffered badly from design missteps (primarily no internal storage), pricing issues and marketing problems. It’s bad launch scared off third-party publishers (which has in turn scared off even more consumers) and has created self-defeating loop. Now Sony’s job is to find a way to fix that situation and on THAT front, they have been failing pretty miserably so far (though I would be the first to tell you there isn’t TOO much they can do).

      • Avioto

        I thought this was a site about the Vita. You’re not gonna tell me the Vita had a fantastic year. It was very dissapointing in my opinion, especially compared to what the 3DS is getting. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Guy3847

    This pretty much means tons of ps4 games and videos and cool stuff, with 2 seconds of psvta footage wedged at the end

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  • Lester Paredes

    Yeah, these hype generators tend to get my hopes up for nothing. Case in point, there was supposed to be a killer PSOne classic this week here in NA, but nothing, nada, zip, zero, goose egg. I’ll get excited when I see it. Until then, way to underwhelm Sony. I understand that PS4 is the main headline right now, but come on!

  • JonofPDX

    My expectation here is that the Vita content (other than Tearaway, Killzone, Walking Dead and GoW) will be very PS4-centric. We’ll likely see (or maybe even have playable) some of the first-party PS4 launch titles being played via remote play.

    They’re probably working on SOMETHING new for the Vita that may get an announcement trailer but I doubt it will be much. Maybe the “Amazing Title”.

    Still–the show will probably be about a 60/40 split PS4/Vita, which is a lot better than E3 even if we don’t get a lot of new announcements.