Japan; they get all the good stuff. Haha

Japanese Vita owners, mark your calendars because Samurai Warriors 2 is coming to PSVita on October 24th with enhanced graphics and extra modes to play through. The game looks great and seems to be priced at 2700 yen (around $27 US) for the regular version with another version (I can’t quite make out what’s added) for 3000 yen (around $30 US).

Here’s some transfer samples;

samwar compare

…and some screenshots;


Cinematic Screenshot #2

Cinematic Screenshot #3


In-Game Screenshot #2

In-Game Screenshot #3


Character Creation Screenshot #2

Character Creation Screenshot #3

If your Japanese is better than mine, head on over to the source link and post us anything I missed in the comments.


  • Lester Paredes

    Japan, Japan, Japan. Why do you keep all of your vita games for yourself?! It makes me very sad.

  • HellRaiser

    Does Japan usually have release prices that cheap?

    • Lester Paredes

      When they’re re-releases or value titles, yes.