…and pops up in a listing on the Asian PlayStation Blog.

$h@d0w at the NeoGAF.com forum has pointed out an interesting addition to the “What’s on PSN This Week” post on the Asian PSBlog; the listing for “XBLAZE CODE : EMBRYO”, a fighting game developed by the minds better known for the BlazBlue series; Arc System Works.

Here’s the listing;

Not to be Missed by BlazBlue Fans- XBLAZE CODE : EMBRYO


“XBLAZE CODE : EMBRYO” is a fighting game for both PS Vita and PS3™ to be released on PS Store on 25th July (HK$418@ PS Store). Developed by Arc System Works which is well known for their fighting game series “BlazBlue”, this title celebrates the 25th anniversary of the developer. Demos will also be available on the same day (Free@ PS Store)!

Despite its link to the “BlazBlue” game series, the story of “XBLAZE” does not take place in the same world- it is a stand-alone story so it is inviting even for players who have never played the “BlazBlue” series. The story centres around the fantastical adventures of an ordinary high school student, Touya, who stumbles upon a quarantine zone following the mysterious ringing of a bell and encounters a mysterious girl there.

>More details will be released on 25 July<

Here’s hoping this isn’t one of those strange Asian exclusives!


  • Yuuki

    heard about it alread and for my part i am really interested in it and hope it will come to the usa.

  • Buckybuckster

    I’m a complete dolt when it comes to fighters except for VF. However this does look like another great addition to the Vita’s growing stable of fighters.

  • Sorun

    Visual novel esque fighter with what looks like what might be school themed. I’m in

  • WhyWai

    looks like something unique. Not the most dedicated fans of 2D fighting. but will keep an eye on this.