Who says there is no marketing?

Being a father to three young children means that I spend a great amount of time watching kids TV, and a couple of weeks back I noticed the following on Disney HD.

Also being aired on Nickelodeon and on Cartoon Network this pack has a PS Vita, an 8GB memory card and also has 10 digital games – including WipEout 2048 and LittleBigPlanet – and is available for around £169 which even those with tight pockets may feel is an extremely viable purchase.

But that isn’t all, Sony have also sponsored The Simpsons on Sky One, which is one of the biggest satellite channels in the UK and features quite a few games including the upcoming Tearaway and we have a montage below for you.

It’s a very welcome sight to see the Vita getting some quality attention, have you noticed anything yourselves?

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  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    That’s good! I haven’t seen anything at all myself. Good they are targeting a wider audience but will so many gamers out there in their twenties and thirties now they should also be targeting itv, channel 4 and channel 5. Even so it’s a good start!

  • WhyWai

    That’s US$260 with 8GB memory card and 10 digital games!

  • Terramax

    Can those 10 games fit on the 8GB card?

    • Apparently so. Lemmings, Frobisher, Hungry Giraffe, Floating Octopus, Ratchet and Clank (PSP), Ecolibrium, Motostorm RC and Little Deviants are the rest and don’t take up that much space.

      • Terramax

        OH, right, I wasn’t paying attention. It’s 10 games, most of which no-one wants to play XD

        • JonofPDX

          Lol–that’s kind of fair but honestly Hungry Giraffe, Rotating Octopus and Motorstorm are all pretty fun. LBP, Wipeout and Size Matters are all flat out great. Even Little Deviants (while not a good game) is essentially a more “fun” version of Welcome Park and I can appreciate it for what it is while ignoring the more asinine mini-games.