If you liked the original you’re going to love this version.

Germinator is back; this time more feminine and challenging than ever. Here’s what the PSBlog post had to say;

Ms. Germinator will be cross-buy compatible, allowing players to snag both versions with one purchase. The game features more levels and power-ups than its predecessor, as well as a new Challenge mode that will allow players to download new stages on a weekly basis for free.

In Ms. Germinator, as in Germinator, players must zap, pop and destroy germs growing on the surface of various household objects, from dog bowls to toilet seats. The action-puzzler features over 100 stages across a handful of different modes: the single-player Campaign mode, Puzzle mode, Arcade mode and the Duel multiplayer, in which players will race to see who can disinfect the fastest. In each level players can boost their score by collecting three hidden stars. The game also features a new germ type, the frozen germ, which is a little harder to kill than other normal germs.

Players will be able to save their progress across both PS3 and Vita and share their scores online. Additionally, in-game footage can be captured and uploaded to YouTube.

Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade to me, I gave the original a 7/10.

No date has been given other than “soon”.


  • Sorun

    Not liking the new layout guys, maybe ill get used to it.

    • Yuuki

      its still somewhat wip.