Check your emails folks.

The closed Beta of Killzone: Mercenary is now live, with the open Beta to follow at the end of August. Have you been included? If so we are jealous!

Not long to wait now though, it’s due to landΒ on September 4th, 2013 for Europe Mainland, September 5th, 2013 for Spain and Portugal and September 6th for UK, Ireland and Australia.


  • I got in woo! Sadly its not a always live beta πŸ™ i’ll be at lunch tomorrow tho to try it out for a half hour πŸ˜€ also all day sunday Ill be playing it haha well from 7pm-12am EDT

    • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

      Let us know your impressions!

    • Baran Altuncu

      Actually I got in too, but it is an always live Beta. When I got the Beta they said “To help facilitate this process, we have a set number of optional play periods for this beta. While the online Beta will always be available, we would greatly appreciate it if you can also play during the specified periods as much as you can. “.

      • yeah i realized that after a little bit glad i was wrong haha πŸ˜€

  • Devin Hudson

    I didn’t even sign up because I thought the code I got from the Home Event during E3 would be for this beta, but apparently it’s for the open beta. It doesn’t really make sense why you would need a code for an open beta (isn’t an open beta supposed to be open for everyone?), but oh well (the game looks good, and I do want to try it, but I’m not really that big of a Killzone fan anyway).

    • Lester Paredes

      This is a closed beta. The open beta will come later.

      • Devin Hudson

        I know that the open beta is later, but my issue is that saying it’s open implies that anyone can get into it, which makes giving out codes for it kinda pointless. It makes the whole Home thing seem like a waste if I did it just to get a code to something I could easily get into anyway.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          I think you misunderstand, Devin. This is the closed beta; wave 2 let’s call it, after internal testing (wave 1). Next is wave 3 on the 21st (PSHome keys) and between then and the 31st they will open it up (wave 4).

          There’s more steps than just closed and open beta.

          • Devin Hudson

            I guess it makes more sense when explained that way, so it’s just the terminology that’s throwing me off. It seems a bit silly to call it an Open Beta if it’s still not going to be open to everyone right away. They should just call it Beta Phase 1, Beta Phase 2, and so on.

            And I always have a problem with having betas this late in the first place. If the purpose of a beta is to have people test the game for bugs and stuff, why start rolling it out so close to the game’s release date? If anything major is actually discovered, I doubt they’ll have much of a chance to fix it before the game ships. It always seems more like a demo at this point, but they want to have an excuse to fall back on in case something does go wrong.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sadly, I didn’t get in.

  • Terramax

    Obviously I didn’t get on the guest list ; ;

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I didn’t get in. πŸ™ A real shame.

  • Aaron Seddon

    i bought it anyway but yeah it would have been nice to have a go.