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Some of you may be aware that Mind=0 was released yesterday in Japan; Famitsu gave it a 30/40 which is a good/average, but there are also some user reactions and they seem to be quite positive.

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It is like the PSP version of Persona 3 in that in the overworld, you don’t actually walk around freely. You just highlight where you want to go, or who you want to talk to. If you highlight a store, like the convenience store or clothing store, you can enter. You can converse with the clerk, or buy and sell things. (There’s a good looking woman in the clothing store… But she’s voice acted by a man! Ahhh! That’s so much like Persona! Ha ha!) Also, you can see icons of people on the world map too. If the icon is a green person, they are optional dialogue events where you can enjoy some conversation. If the icon is a red person, it means that talking to that person will continue the story. It’s easy to see which people you should talk to first. Also, even after clearing a dungeon, you can still go back into it to earn more money and level up, thank goodness.

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The story seems good. So far, it’s got a vibe similar to Persona 4, with a police investigation going on, and high school students getting involved. At one point, they even joke about “glasses that let you see ghosts.” (Leo bought the glasses, but then it turned out he got ripped off.) Turns out he’s always buying junk related to ghosts, like a “ghost detector application” on his cell phone (it was only 100 yen, after all).

The characters are all quite likeable. I thought that the main character would be a jerk, but he is just the “cool guy” type. He talks. He talks a LOT, which pleases me to no end. (I don’t like silent protagonists, personally.) He’s a pretty responsible guy. I was worried he’d be like Ryudo in Grandia 2, or something, but he’s normal. So far, pretty much everything has been voice acted, aside from the store clerk chats, who just give generalized one liners to cover unspoken text.

Here’s the basic flow of a battle… You can summon or hide your mind whenever you’re about to make a move by pressing L. If you summon it, you can gain access to a wider set of skills. If you get hit with your mind summoned, you’ll lose “MP” instead of “HP” (though they use different abbreviations, TP and LP, I think…)

If you lose all your MP, you’ll get a Mind Break and you can’t summon it any longer, even if you charge your MP. If it’s not summoned, you can select charge to boost your MP. However, if you’re not summoned and you get hit, you’ll lose “LP.” (I think some Mind skills also consume LP.)

MP is easily charged, so you’re probably going to want to summon a Mind most of the time. Getting hit without a mind summoned will drop your LP, which won’t get charged up without escaping from the dungeon or using an item, so you want to keep from getting your Mind broken.

I’m guessing for drawn-out battles, managing when to call off your mind, charge your magic and such will play a big role in the strategy, but I’m not that far into the game yet.

I really like it. I think anybody who plays it is going to be thoroughly impressed. Here’s to hoping it gets a localization. It deserves it more than Demon Gaze, that’s for sure. (Not that Demon Gaze is bad, but this is much better.)[/tab][/tabgroup]

So all in all it seems like a nice game. Let’s just hope Sony or some other publisher will be nice enough to bring it to the rest of the world.


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  • Lester Paredes

    I’ll play it. It’s got the right kind of Persona vibes to it.

  • HassanJamal

    I really hope this gets localized. It might not be amazing as Persona but damn it, I wanna try it.