Looks like Amazon France is at it again leaking more Vita games. This time its The Amazing Spider-Man. The image has been taken down, but keep your eyes out for that one coming around in October which is what Amazon had originally posted. Amazon France

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Tyler Olthoff is a 24 year old who has been gaming since he can remember. In love with almost all types of games, the only type he can't stand (and that's probably because he sucks at it) is fighting games. His favorite genres would have to be shooters, RPGs, and adventure games. He owns almost every new system out there including PS4, PS3, XB1, PSVita and the 3DS, but barely plays any of them as it's mainly his good old Vita getting the attention!
  • Sorun

    If it has that kind of open world feel the ps2 games had, I’ll definitely pick up a copy.

  • Spider-man 2 was one of the best super-hero games ever, and really set the mark on how to do a Spidey game. This is highly likely to be a port of the console version which got mixed reviews.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    But this is trustable?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It’s always hard to tell with stuff like this, but it IS true that Amazon France has leaked games before.

      • Mauricio Quintero

        I hope they are right on that, that game looks epic!

  • Undrey

    I wish they’d port a non licensed game, because the movie has been out for over a year and it wouldn’t make sense (for the public) to play the game now.

  • Buckybuckster

    If it does happen, hopefully it would be based on the console version. The 3DS ver. looked good but had some very uninspired gameplay.

    Speaking of superhero games, I wish someone would do another Hulk game.