Remember that Gravity Rush/Journey stage image that got leaked?

Yeah? Well it turns out that not only are you never going to see that (other than above), you’re also not going to see any more new characters or stages for the title. Ever.

In a quote from a post on their forums, they bring down the gavel;

“There will not be any new DLC characters or environments released for PS All Stars. We were proud to work with SuperBot Entertainment and they created a great game, but the characters that have already been released to-date represent the full content for PS All Stars.”

But wait, it’s not all bad news – there are still a few updates to be had.

– Balance Patch: This is still in the early stages of research and development. Even if everything goes smoothly with the development and implementation, the patch will not be finished until later this fall. In particular, we’re assessing all character strengths, weaknesses, and functionality for adjustment considerations in this patch. We have been monitoring your feedback in the forums, and will continue to follow your thoughts throughout the process.

– We have a third set of costumes for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, and Big Daddy that were only exclusively available as pre-order bonuses in the US. While the other pre-order costumes were eventually available for sale through the PlayStation Store, these last four costumes were never released. We are going to release these four costumes on PSN as a completely free digital download to everyone on August 27. We’ll keep you informed as the date approaches.

– Zeus + Isaac’s third costumes will also be made available free. This will require some back-end work, and so these two costumes will go live with the balance patch release later this fall. When they are released, these costumes will also be free for everyone to download from the PlayStation Store.

– Monthly Tournament Leaderboard Resets: We are aggressively looking into the issue of title belts not being correctly appropriated to some people based on their seasonal performance. We do not have a fix at this time, but will keep you posted on our progress. In the interim, starting today, we are resetting the overall leaderboards, and will continue this on a monthly basis. Monthly seasons are back! Along with this effort we are going to establish a set of community activities that will be communicated on the official All-Stars forums, designed to recognize the top monthly competitors.

So what do you make of that? Are you disappointed, or did you think it was time to move on anyways?

Fire off a reply in the comment section, and let us know!


  • Mauricio Quintero

    Fuck them in the ass, with all the respect that the ydeserve.

  • It’s a shame, it wasn’t a bad game and I’d love to see a sequel at some point.

    They never did fix the trophy issues with the second batch of DLC. (IE it should have had trophies and never got added.)

  • Baran Altuncu

    The only problem was that the DLC was too expensive and that the single player was very badly made and boring. The roster was too small to.

    • I think they expected more things from it and further roster expansion which never happened…

  • Cloud_IX

    I really enjoyed this, good solid combat game, I also would have bought the DLC if the price wasn’t stupid

  • HassanJamal

    Cancelling the deal with SB was way too early :L Bad move on Sony. At least, there still a new patch in process and also a new costume for my main, BD.