“The BioShock universe hasn’t always treated the PlayStation community super well. The first game came out on PS3 over a year after launch on other platforms. To Sony fans, that probably read as, “Hey, what are we? Chopped liver?””

The opening statement from Irrational Games Co-founder and Creative Director in June 2011 on the US PlayStation Blog where we went on to confirm that a PS Vita version of Bioshock was on the way. “I know I didn’t give a ton of details today about the Move stuff and the new game on PS Vita. That’s because we’re still very much in Santa’s elves mode on them. But we wanted to make sure we got out there today and showed a new commitment to PlayStation fans.”

More than two years have passed since then, and we have since learned that the Vita version not only hasn’t started development, it hasn’t even been greenlit. However Ken does refuse to give up on the project, and he told Kotaku “I am literally trying to make a match between the parties”.

You may be forgiven for thinking that if Irrational Games want to make a Vita Bioshock and Sony obviously would want it on the Vita then it would be straightforward.

But Irrational Games answer to parent company Take Two, perhaps understandably may be a little hesitant to spend a vast amount of money on a project which could possibly fail due to not enough sales. We could all say that such a title on the Vita would sell systems on its own, but the Vita has had some standout efforts already and these have only created a little bit of momentum. There are no guarantees that this would sell like hot-cakes or shift systems even though logic would dictate that it would. Having a limited budget for a portable Bioshock would also be detrimental to not only the Bioshock name but also the reputation of the Vita. So the balance needs to be right for everyone and we hope that a deal can be made.

A recent tweet instigated by Double11 drew a vague response from Shuehei Yoshida and we will leave it to others to draw conclusions, but until then I suppose we are chopped liver.

Would you buy a Vita Bioshock?

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  • Stone Skull

    They just need to look at Assassins Creed Liberation.. it did really well and Ubisoft were happy… then look at Call of Duty for Vita with all its horrible reviews and it still sold like hotcakes.. so, all they have to do is make a great game and sales will come for sure.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Not exaclty. “Well” and “really well” are terms that depend on the publisher’s ambition$. I read somewhere that AC: Liberation managed to hit the 600k sold titles mark. Now we need to know if that is a ‘well’ or ‘really well’ return for Irrational Games. Sony screwed up the Vita because of greedy ambitions and proprietary accessories that raised the price, pushing people and developers away but NOW, TWO years later, they realized that and lowered the memory card as well as the handheld console prices. There are rumours all over the web about a PS4+Vita bundle yet to come, I just hope it hits the stores in time for Christmas but in the end, if Sony manages to sell the Vita like hot cakes, that’s only going to attract more developers so it’s a good thing. Like they said, better late than never. What I’m trying to say is developers need more people to estimate a better margin of profit so that will allow them to make games for it. Sony’s Christmas Strategy better work this time or we will not see any AAA caliber games from other developers for the Vita anytime soon. Only from Sony.