Although we still haven’t had a confirmed release in the West, GadgetGirlKylie has released an in depth youtube video of the Japanese demo with some commentary to boot. Given that the original saw localisation and has recently been featured as a free download in North America on Playstation Plus, we’re still holding our breath for an announcement from D3Publisher. You can check out the videos below.


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  • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

    Same music as Godzeater Burst, looks terrific though. Can’t wait for it to be localized. Does anyone know if it continues the original story?

    • Dylan Ng

      It does. In the meantime, you might want to check out its interquel manga GE -the 2nd break. It introduce some of the plot points of GE2 like the red rain/God Arc Soldier and give some backstory to some character (why Yuno is travelling the world to sing).

  • Yuuki

    thank you, kinda hyped for the game^^

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks really good. Seeing that the first PSP game got a localization, you’d think that the chances of the west seeing this one would be rather high. But this is Bamco we are talking about. Maybe many downloads of the upcoming DBZ localization would prompt them to reward us with GE2?