Vivid Games recently released Real Boxing on the PS Vita in Europe and I though it was a bit of a knockout – you can catch my review of it here.

To celebrate us coming back and the release of the game we have been lucky enough to get a copy to give away to one lucky EU reader! To have a chance of winning simply post below with your PSN ID before 1159 AM GMT on the 5th September and after it has closed we will pick one of you at random!

For our readers in NA we do apologise, but Real Boxing is not yet out in your region. We will have a competition for our NA readers tomorrow.

We would like to thank Vivid Games for the code, and for making such a great boxing title. Good Luck everyone!


We have closed to competition now and selected our winner, and the lucky reader who gets a copy of Real Boxing is Sebgob! Congratulations, we will send your code over PSN!

Stay tuned for more giveaways, and thanks for entering everyone! A massive thanks again to Vivid Games for providing the code, you guys are awesome. 🙂

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    great review btw 🙂

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    Post has a big typo!

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    Yes please I wanna punch some one! PSN: BastianSiv96

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    PSN ID : Ayumaze69
    i cross my fingers ! Thanks for all !

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  • Mahama

    PSN ID: jehuty_2174

  • Charlie Large

    PSN ID : Chaz3010

  • Paweł Prędki

    PSN ID : plpalo

    Seems like an interesting game that can be consumed in small chunks of time. Sign me up 😉

  • Jonathan

    PSN ID Jonbowes

  • George

    Psn id n-i-k-g-e-o-8-0

  • krunt0xen

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    Hello There ! My psn id Is Toboe. Muchas gracias meine friends. Great website btw.

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    Thanks !

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    It seems very cool!

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    Looks good 😀

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    ID: bLaiSe_HUN

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    aseddon – thanks 🙂

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    I’m feeling lucky lol 🙂

  • Adam Guest


    Good luck everybody!

  • shaqnosis

    Looks cool, keen to try it out!

    PSN id: shaqnosis