Divekick is a unique two-button fighter from One True Game Studios; a hive mind of competitive gamers with too much time on their hands. Fortunately for us, their parody has turned into a smash hit – with our newest staff member Brian Sharon giving it a 4/5 in his review.

In celebration of our triumphant return this week, we’ve decided that our readers deserve some perks for staying with us (and a chance to play some awesome games). As such, The Vita Lounge and I will be giving away two North American Divekick vouchers to two lucky readers!

All you have to do to enter is comment below with your North American PSN ID before 6PM Eastern, tomorrow (Sept 6th).

At 6PM Eastern on the 6th I will be doing the draw via random number generator (random.org) and will contact the winners via PSN shortly after. Winners will also be posted here, but only after I’ve contacted them via PSN to confirm their region and that they can accept the code.

We’d like to thank the guys at One True Game Studios for the voucher codes, as well as the awesome game.

Good luck!

Winners have been contacted; they are DLOSNKL and Sean (mudwick).

Proof: #1 / #2


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  • Ron


  • Hirumaze

    PSN ID jewellhrxf
    Thanks for the contest ^^

  • SlowMvngTarget

    My PSN ID: SlowMvngTarget

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Just_Arc


    good idea

  • jerk_alert


  • PrimevalPanda


  • Sean

    Psn tag: mudwick

  • Brian Sharon

    Can Staff members enter? No? Dang it..

  • PSN ID: Phedran

  • Jay

    Diveu KICKU!

  • Devin Hudson

    PSN ID: RockgamerXIII

    Thanks for the contest guys! You all have definitely come back with a vengeance. And good luck everyone!

  • Joshua

    Btw who won th last contest

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Real Boxing was won by Sebgob – when winners are selected for contests, the posts are updated to mention them (usually at the bottom of the original post).

  • D.G.L

    PSN: PsychoDon904

  • dlosnkl


  • Zaq Jones

    PSN: Pcad66

  • simplydan22


  • failgunner

    PSN: failgunner


  • Geadien

    PSN: Geadien

    Throw free stuff at my face!

  • jonatan

    PSN: jonatan221

  • A Parker


  • Rene Medina

    Hopefully something gets thrown my way. 🙂