Yes sir – with a few more tweaks as well.

According to the translation of the SCEJA conference today, the new model (PCH-2000) will include an extra hour of battery life and features an LCD instead of the original’s OLED. A microUSB connector has been used (instead of the proprietary connector from the first model) as well as the addition of a 1GB of internal memory. It will be available in six colours (white, blue, yellow, pink, grey, and black) and is WIFI-only.


It will be available October 10th for 19929 yen ($200 USD) in Japan.

This new model is also getting a new game pack, which comes with some pre-installed games and a memory card. There’s no launch date yet, but it’s priced at 24,129 yen ($240 US).  As a bonus, with each purchase of this new Vita pack you will receive 90 days of PlayStation Plus for free.

Update; Teaser!


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  • Really interesting move here but I think it’s very smart. This model will appeal more to the children I think and being slimmer and colorful will grab them Nintendo fans. 😀

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    First the 2DS now this. Good idea yes but the jury is out kn whether the LCD will have as much flare as the fantastic OLED. Also am I the only one thinking that the price isn’t that much lower than the standard Vita?

    • its not and it makes sense they didnt take away the vita’s key feature a second analog stick they just made a little more reasonable vita and cut costs by making it smaller and reducing the screen quality. I see this being for more of the casual audience plus the colors hint towards them wanting more kids and or nintendo people. At least thats what I think haha I could be way off!

      • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

        I have to admit the colours hurt. If the Vita was out when I bought it in red or blue….hell even pink I’d take it over the piano (or whatever it’s called) black. I believe technology is often with us so much it’s nice to be expressive. Everything is black nowadays :p

  • PrimevalPanda

    Like Jonny boy there already stated the change in screen had more than its fair share of critics during the conference as well as myself wondering if the graphics will be as awesome as they are currently.

  • Yuuki

    why no oled…

  • Pink with a black front? So much for me getting one for my daughter.

  • Buckybuckster

    Another nice announcement from the presentation that’s sure to go a long way to get the Vita into the hands of more gamers.

    As for myself, a proud red blooded owner of the Vita, no OLED is a no go for me. It’s one of the things that defines what the Vita is. I just hope it’s not totally replacing the current model and is more representative of Sony’s effort to provide a cheaper entry point for potential owners.

  • Lester Paredes

    No OLED? Oh… well. I’m glad I bought mine when I did. I’m sure the LCD screen will be nice, but I’ve grown attached. Now, if they decided to make a model with 10 or 15 gb of built in memory, that’d be an acceptable trade-off for me. Though I would be hemming and hawing over the decision.