Muteki Corporation are the guys behind this upcoming indie game Dragon Fantasy Book II. I was lucky enough to sit down with Adam Rippon the writer of this game. DFB2 is a 16 bit RPG that puts you in the shoes of Ogden, not your average hero. The game plays really well and the new combat system is great. The enemies are now just walking around the world and you have a live turn based battle. One of the big problems I had with Book 1 was the constant grinding and missed attacks. Book 2 streamlines the systems and makes fighting and grinding much more simple. With bigger bosses, better graphics, and a whole new battle system I gotta say this is the better of the two that are out now. I was lucky enough to get some hands on at PAX PRIME and also talk to Adam Rippon the writer behind Dragon Fantasy Book. Here’s what Adam and I talked about, enjoy!



Tyler- One of the big questions on a lot of people’s minds would have to be when is Dragon Fantasy Book 1 heading to the EU?

Adam- We’re currently in the process of getting the game rated by the PEGI rating system, hopefully real soon!

Tyler- That’s good to hear! Back to DFB2, what makes DFB2 different from DFB1?

Adam- In Book 2 you have a totally new battle system, upgrade in graphics, multiplayer, and Book 1 was more of challenge with grinding where as Book 2 is more for the casual. Now if you’re still into a hardcore experience  you will get that with tons of side quests.

Tyler- Good good, now how long do you think an average Joe like myself will take to finish the game?

Adam- I believe the average will be 20 hours.

Tyler- That’s a good bang for your buck! Speaking of money how much we looking to pay for this?

Adam- If you’re a PS+ subscriber you will get your hands on this one for $11.99 and if not $14.99.

Tyler- How many Books are there going to be?

Adam- Book 3 will be the last one and its going to be a big one.

Tyler- This game has multiplayer? Can you elaborate on how that works?

Adam- Sure. Basically you and a friend can roam around DFB2 and work together or just go your separate ways. You don’t share a screen so like I said you can go your separate ways. If your buddy gets in a battle you can either help them out or just leave them.

Tyler- That sounds awesome! One big thing that may stop someone from getting DFB2 is them not having played Book 1. Will we have to know what happen in 1 to know what’s going on in 2?

Adam- No you will not have to know what happen in Book 1.

Tyler- I love the Vita and I just want to know from someone that deals with it on a daily basis what’s it like developing for the Vita?

Adam- It’s amazing! It’s one of the best and easiest handheld devices to dev for, I love it.

Tyler- That’s great! Well Adam thank you so much for your time and answering all these questions I look forward to playing the game. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Adam- No problem glad to be able to talk with you. Look for Dragon Fantasy Book 2 September 10th on PSVITA and PS3 with cross-buy and cross-save! Oh and you can suplex people…


Like Adam said above Dragon Fantasy Book 2 hits stores actually today! Let us know what you think of Book 2 if you get it. Also cause we at The Vita Lounge love you so much here’s a code for Book 2 first come first serve. (US ONLY) JRR2-TNNC-FPED




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  • Mahama

    book 1 for EU PLEASE!

  • Lester Paredes

    It comes out later today for me! I’ll be buying it when I wake up, before I head off into my night shift! Whoo! Looking forward to it.