Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for; Killzone Mercenary is now available in North America!

The most anticipated title of the year is finally hitting the US and Canada after originally releasing about a week ago to European PSN users (and before the weekend for the UK). I reviewed it in time for the EU release, giving it a “must-buy” score of 4.8/5, and now you can finally lay your hands on it. Not much else to look at unless you’ve been waiting for Dragon Fantasy Book II or some DLC – but Killzone Mercenary should keep you plenty busy.

PSVita Releases;

  • Killzone: Mercenary ($35.99)
  • Dragon Fantasy Book II ($14.99 / $11.99 for PS Plus)

PS+ Discounts;

  • Dragon Fantasy Book II – Plus Price: $11.99

PSVita Add-ons;

– Pinball Arcade

  • Pro Table Pack 15 (Cross-Buy) ($7.99)
  • Table Pack 15 Pro Upgrade (Cross-Buy) ($3.99)
  • Table Pack 15: Champion Pub And Whirlwind (Cross-Buy) ($4.99)

– Soul Sacrifice

  • Additional Quest: The Iron Lady’s Tears Of Red (FREE)

– LittleBigPlanet

  • Cossack Warrior Costume ($0.99)
  • Mayan Warrior Costume ($0.99)
  • Saracen Warrior Costume ($0.99)
  • Viking Warrior Costume ($0.99)


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  • Brian Sharon

    Man as someone with Ukrianian heritage, I really want that Cossack outfit.