It’s a mysterious indie title that focuses on puzzle and exploration.

Due to be fully announced next week at the Tokyo Game Show, Eurogamer¬†has received some information on a new indie exclusive called Pavilion, set to be released next year. Apparently it’s a fourth-person exploratory experience. While there’s no official reveal video (yet) you can have a sneak preview of the frankly awesome music in the above teaser. There’s also some pretty amazing looking initial screens to look over:

The game is being developed by two-man team Visiontrick Studio and I think you’ll agree it looks¬†absolutely gorgeous!

Eurogamer had the following to say:

“Pavilion is about “guidance, influence and subliminal control”, according to its developers. “Manipulate the surrounding environment, influence his sense and guide the main character on the path towards truth.”

It’s set in a “surreal dream-like place where reality clash with fantasy”. The screenshots, below, reveal hand-painted 2D graphics. There’s “dreamy” ambient music, too, composed by live space music maestro Tony Gerber.”

We will let you know more after the official reveal.

  • Yuuki

    looks nice

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting,

  • Brian Sharon

    What a coo for the Playstation family.