Like Luxor. Looking very pretty!

As you can see from the above (android) release video, Sparkle is a bubble popping game that launched in 2007  in a similar style to the Luxor series. The game looks like it’s had a cracking visual upgrade (see below), and is being brought to the Vita by 10tons.

Jaakko Maaniemi had the following to say:

“First up from us on PS Vita is our most successful game, Sparkle – which releases on PlayStation Store tomorrow, priced at €4.99/£3.99. The game debuted in 2007 as our take on the popular marble popper-style match-three action puzzle. We felt the genre could use a darker, more mysterious twist, with big and brash power-ups.

It soon turned out we were on to something, as the game became quite the success on desktop and mobile. We even won a cool $250,000 competition award with the mobile version!

Sparkle was made right from the start to run on many kinds of platforms. The technical side of bringing the game over to PS Vita was remarkably easy, but then again the development tools Sony provides are truly excellent. We feel that touchscreen is the best input method for marble popper gameplay, so absolutely nothing was lost in translation. You can also play with the thumb sticks if you like though.Sparkle is right at home on PS Vita.

If you like Puzz Loop-style marble poppers, you really must give Sparkle a shot! To that end, we’re also releasing a free trial, from which you can then unlock the full game.

Going forward, we have plans to bring our best titles to PS Vita, including the absurdly spectacular King Oddball. In the meantime, if you’ve ever enjoyed an action puzzler, go ahead and grab the free trial ofSparkle – and remember there’s more to come in the not so distant future!”

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