Killzone Mercenary features a small arsenal of weapons, including something for everyone. From the James-Bond-in-space style silenced pistol, to the sniper rifle with a flare of 22nd century explosive technology; if you’ve got a need, they’ve got a weapon to fill it.

In this small article, I’ll be covering the primary weapons; including assault rifles, sniper rifles, large machine guns and compact submachine guns. Shotguns, RPG-type weapons and hand guns are secondary weapons and will be covered in the next part of this small series. There are also various grenades and specialist technologies called van-guards which you can use to make things easier when in a tight spot or looking for those multi-kills. On the protection side, there are different types of bulletproof vests (armor) that include different attributes to augment your play style. For now, let’s just focus on the primary weapon; which will likely be what you’re getting the most kills with.

The first primary weapon type is assault rifle, which includes the brute-force M82 and covert ops style STA-52SE (a silenced weapon). The STA-14 is also an assault rifle of sorts, though unlike the other two it’s only semi-automatic – and includes a magnified scope. This sets it apart in almost its own category, though since it’s closer to an assault rifle I figured let’s lump it in for ease’s sake. Of the three, each definitely has their own prime usage situation.

1The M82 is definitely the gun for running head-on into horrible situations; it has a decent fire rate along with a high range and respectable fire rate. It’s not an over-performer, but it balances very well. With 32 bullets to a clip, and 128 in reserve when maxed out (5 full clips) it’s a solid performer with a lot of bullets. Go for headshots, and you’ll run out of time before you run out of ammo.

2The STA-52SE is no slough though either; a solid performer like the M82, it sacrifices a bit of range for that quiet shot. To compensate, they’ve upped the clip size and rate of fire though; a fair trade off as this is my favourite gun to use in the single player campaign. With 40 bullets to a clip, and 120 in reserve when maxed out (5 full clips as well), it has just as many bullets as the M82 but will require more shots at high range. Thankfully, it’s the gun to use when going stealth – and getting up close with this baby is a pleasure.

3The STA-14 (being a cross between sniper and assault rifle) has a smaller clip size and lower rate of fire than the previous two guns. With 12 shots to a clip and 48 in reserve, it only has 40% of the bullets but packs 20% more damage and accuracy than the M82 or STA-52SE does. It’s a solid performer at medium to long range but up close you’d do better with a higher fire rate unless you’re a headshot expert.

4The only LMG (large machine gun) in the game is the STA-3. It’s not so much a close-quarters weapon, but will do the trick in a pinch as long as you’re firing from the hip. Designed more for long distance extermination of a significant force, it’s good for picking off groups of advancing enemies or heavily armored units. Featuring a large clip of 64 bullets as well as a reserve of 128 (that’s 3 clips total) this is the weapon with the most bullets in the game at 192 total.

The next type of primary weapon is the sniper rifle, which includes the M33, VC32, M42 and the devastating VC39. Though the VC39 is a sort of hybrid weapon, we’re including it with the sniper rifles due to the magnification options on the scope.

5The M33 is my favourite sniper rifle aside from the VC39. It’s the only silenced sniper rifle on the list and that’s what I look for in a weapon I use mostly when stationary.  Accuracy and range are maxed out on this weapon, though damage drops slightly due to the silenced factor (silencers slow the bullet). The clip size is 12 bullets, but you’ve only got 24 reserve bullets to augment that (three clips total). The small amount of bullets means that you’re best off with headshots only on this gun.

6The VC32 is supposed to be the standard non-silenced sniper rifle, but seems to fail to meet that goal only slightly. While it’s supposed to offer something between the silenced M33 and the armor-penetrating M42, I find myself falling back to the M33 as it gets the same result without the noise. Attributes are nearly identical to the M33, though the clip size is only 6 bullets with 24 in reserve at maximum (5 clips).

7The M42 is the dominating choice for a down and dirty sniper who likes to be on the move. With a high damage rate and penetrating bullets, it’ll take down your target easier than any other bullet-firing weapon on our list at long distance. Maxing out on accuracy, range and damage – it sacrifices clip size and number of bullets. There’s only one shot between reloads and 24 shots total making this the wrong gun to use at close range.

8The VC39 is a sniper rifle with a unique twist; it requires charging to fire and fires three round bursts of explosive energy. It features a small clip size of 9 “bullets” (3 shots per clip) and a reserve of 27 “bullets”, making twelve shots of explosive rounds total. Unlike regular bullets, these don’t even need to directly connect with an enemy to kill them – and can even take down small drones with a single shot.

Submachine guns in Killzone Mercenary are my least favourite guns – but I can definitely see their optimal usage scenarios. SMG’s include the M66, LS57, STA-11 and the STA-7; the first and last of which are silenced.

9The M66 is a submachine gun with a three-round burst. Damage, accuracy and range are slightly above average, with a small clip size and obvious low fire rate. With twenty four bullets to a clip and 144 bullets reserve (7 clips total), you’ve got plenty of shots if you can make them count. This is a good gun for any situation, though with a three round burst it fails to stand out against the competition.

10The LS57 is a quick-fire submachine gun with above average damage and low accuracy. The range and clip size are quite small, however; making it best for close range combat. With the same bullet count as the M66 (24 per clip, 144 reserve), you’ve got seven clips to empty into the enemy. I wouldn’t recommend trying that at a distance though, as you’re likely to spray around your target and receive some bullets in return without a proper scope.

11The STA-11 is a very average type submachine gun – with mid-range stats across the board. It’s a decent gun for close to medium combat, but is a bit of a slouch at a distance with no scope. Again, we’ve got a bullet setup of 24/144 – but those seven clips are a bit more useful here than with the LAS57. Though this gun is a solid performer, you’re still best off with the M66 in my opinion.

12The STA-7 is a more tactical machine gun than the rest, offering silencing as well as a proper scope. Low damage is offset with a high accuracy and large clip size. The rate of fire has also increased, making this the gun to use when taking out large groups of enemies at close range. Taking a different approach to the bullet setup than the other guns, this one sports a 48 bullet clip with 144 in reserve (4 clips total). I wouldn’t use this gun for long distance, but for short distance assaults this definitely is a decent choice.



The weapons of Killzone Mercenary are modeled around the “Goldilocks Zone” of preference; they’ve given you one of each possible choice for gun styles – just enough to fill everyone’s needs without anything extra. You want an armor penetrating sniper rifle? You’ve got one. A scoped assault rifle with a silencer? Yep, that’s here too. They’ve covered all the bases and have done so in a way that leaves you satisfied with your choice. I don’t find myself wanting for anything not offered, and as such I think you’ll probably be able to find the perfect gun to suit your play style.

I’ll cover secondary weapons next time, including hand guns, shotguns and RPG-style weapons that’ll augment your primary with just the ingredient you might be missing.

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