Rhythm beating, legless jumping, bubble popping and the easiest trophy set ever.

Good evening all, this week’s Playstation Store isn’t too shabby, though it’s not a patch on last weeks. Leading the force, finally Rayman Legends is out on Vita. Sequel to one of our highest scoring games, those of you who have been worried about the extra levels check here as they’re on the way via a free patch. Kickbeat also launches today. Delayed for a very long time, people even started to think it may have been vaporware until it resurfaced recently and got a not too shabby 3.4 when Brian reviewed it. Sparkle also releases today as does Aabs Animals (I had to look it up too).

There’s also a small barrage of mobile games and Metal Gear Solid VR missions finally has arrived if you’re after a stealthy weekend. See you next week!


Price: £7.29/€8.99
PEGI: 12

Rayman Legends
Price: £29.99/€34.99

Price: £3.99/€4.99

Aabs Animals
Price: £3.99/€4.99
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand


Metal Gear Solid Special Missions
Price: £6.49/€7.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Metal Gear Solid Bundle (MGS + Special Missions)
Price: £12.99/€16.99
PEGI: 16


Alien Domination
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Alien Mission
Price: £5.19/€6.49

Alligator of the Caribbean
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Price: £5.19/€6.49

Apocalypse Revelations
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Athenian Warrior
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Attack of the Black Widow
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Hills of Glory: WWII
Price: £1.59/€1.99


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