Coming soon. Involves fingering small Lemmings.

The EU PSBlog has just announced that a new Lemmings game is in the works. Developed by d3t (responsible for the Playstation Mobile Lemmings title), Jamie Campbell had the following to say:

“Everyone loves Lemmings and as the name ‘Lemmings Touch’ suggests, the ‘touch’ aspect is something that we have implemented throughout the game, from the menus to the 100 incredible levels with a beautiful touch and swipe interface that is very intuitive and easy to use.

The mechanic is simple – you select a Lemming and then assign them a role. That IS simple, right? Yep, that’s the idea. But (and it’s a big but), as in all Lemmings games, it’s the levels that can prove difficult!

We have spent endless days working on a new presentation of the in-game HUD to make sure you have the perfect interface for Lemmings command and control. A pop-up radial menu frees up screen space so you can spend more time drooling over the magnificent landscapes that have been created to make the most of the luscious PS Vita screen.

There are also new ways to play, as we have a range of new objects you can interact with, such as cannons and trampolines that you need to aim by touching and manipulating them on-screen, platforms you can slide to transport Lemmings, objects you can lift up and down to create new paths, and buttons that Lemmings have to press to bring other areas of the levels into play. All of these are again directly controlled by your fingertips.

As well as the revamp to the control scheme, we’ve also created some brand new shiny environments specifically for the new touch objects. Candy Land is a wonderful world full of sugary treats, you might see some Lemmings stuffing their faces in these levels, but they are only doing it to save their fellow friends – honestly it’s not just greed! Space sees the Lemmings encountering UFO’s and rockets, in space no one can hear the Lemmings scream!

There is also a twist – not all Lemmings are quite what they seem. Stay tuned for future announcements when we’ll reveal more.”

Are you excited? It’s certainly very colourful looking. You can see the reveal below:

There’s also a few pictures:


  • HassanJamal

    Art style is a bit unappealing, however that trailer and the gameplay has me interested.