Washington post recently released their controversial reaction to the PSVita TV.

Sony, stop trying to make Vita happen

The thing on the left is the PS Vita TV. (Sony)

“Sony announced a new version of its handheld gaming system, the PS Vita, on Monday. The update is smaller than its predecessor and geared toward more casual handheld gamers. Sony also released a new member of the PS Vita family, a cigarette box-sized TV accessory called PS Vita TV. That device will allow set-top streaming to televisions from services like Hulu and allow users to play some (but not all!) PS Vita games with a dual shock controller. A future update is planned to enable Vita TV to remotely stream videos from PS4 consoles.

Creating a casual set-top media streaming device doesn’t seem like a bad investment for Sony. But tying it to the Vita brand doesn’t make much sense. For that matter, the entire Vita line of products doesn’t make much sense: Sony’s not very good at making handheld gaming devices, and the market for those is likely to shrink in the coming years.

I’m not alone in thinking that. An executive during the Sony Q1 2013 earnings call acknowledged as much, saying: “PSP continues the decline. And PS Vita, as you know, are not performing that well.”

All-in-one devices like smartphones and tablets make much more sense for the future of mobile gaming. And Sony makes phones. (In fact, they’ve released an attempt at a Playstation phone.)

The only part of the traditional handheld market that seems likely to have a future is devices for younger children whose parents might not want them to have a full-fledged smartphone. But PS Vita games aren’t generally made for that target audience. And even if they were, Nintendo is so well entrenched that it seems unlikely Sony can make inroads.

So, it seems like a significantly better option for Sony to invest in its own smartphone lineup or develop remote play capabilities for more popular mobile platforms. The company should stop waging a losing battle in the shrinking handheld gaming market. And, there’s nothing wrong with building a mid-market media streaming device like Apple TV — but why not tie it to something that’s actually been successful, like Sony’s traditional consoles?”

Do you think they are right or not?

In my opinion they just want to generate clicks with this “news”


Thx to lights of Psindependet for posting the thread.

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Yuuki is 21 and from Germany. Gaming since 1998 and starting with a SNES he progressed through all Nintendo systems as well as an Xbox 360 and Sony consoles, including his newest addition to his console history, the Vita. Favourite genres include jRPGs and Strategy games.
  • Michael Rogers

    Lol. Trolling much?!

    Clearly not a gamer as any gamer worthy of calling themselves such knows that touch screens will never be anywhere near a suitable substitute for physical controls… unless it’s angry birds.

  • Rod

    “Sony’s not very good at making handheld gaming devices”

    This statement makes my blood boil! Have they actually played on one. Sony is actually AMAZING at making handhel gaming devices regardless of whether they sell well or not. The actual devices are fantastic. Grrrr.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    What a completely ignorant, asinine twat. Definitely for clicks….it’s sad some people make asshole, stupid articles that have no basis on fact. Ermmmm PSP sold 60+ million and still going. DS is on what now? 100+ million? 3DS sells ten of thousands a week and while the Vita hasn’t gained momentum yet it’s still 5+ million worldwide. I remember EXACTLY THE SAME stuff at PS4 when Xbox 360 was acouple of million ahead and Sony hadn’t shifted 20 million units in the first 24 hours. I’m sure some Vita hating, 3DS fanboy somewhere will enjoy reading it thogh.

  • Buckybuckster

    Well, the only thing I can remotely begin to agree with the author is Sony’s ability to effectively promote and market the Vita.

    Anyone who witnessed the pre-launch ad campaign Sony’s previous ad agency whipped up for American consumption can attest to that. It was lame and uninspired at best. It never really focused on the games, just the features. We all know that while those thing are important, it’s the games that sell gamers on a system. I hope the current ad gurus for Sony know this and promote this front and center in future endeavors.

    As for the remainder for the authors comments, complete, irrefutable, B.S.!!! Time to cancel my subscription to the Post. Wait a sec……I don’t have one. Problem solved!

    • Lester Paredes

      Plus: Who goes to the Washington Post for their video game news?

  • Lester Paredes

    LOL. Sony’s great at making handhelds. what they’re terrible at is marketing them. lol. This is just flame-bait. Still, it did cause me to roll my eye balls until I got dizzy.

  • Lester Paredes

    Also: Who the hell goes to the Washington Post as their go-to for video game news? lol!

    • Yuuki

      possible non gamer who could maybe interested in the vita?

      • Lester Paredes

        I guess. Foiled again! Curse your level-headed logic!

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I really like my vita! Smartphone games were a cheap distraction for a couple years, but I really missed console games. Being a grown, married dude has taken away from my free time to play on the tv. The vita was exactly what I needed! And now, I’m very excited about remote play with the PS4! I can play games again!!!!!

  • Sgt. Faggot

    What a moronic cunt this woman is.