It’s called Song Builder 575 but the question remains whether Western shores will see it.

Yuuki recently tweeted me this information via Silconera. Presumably on the back of the overwhelming popularity of the Hastune Miku: Project Diva series (Project Diva f review coming soon I promise! It’s been a month since I ordered it from Japan), Sega has just announced that part of their 575 series will include Song Builder 575, a new vocaloid title for the Vita.

Take a sneak peek at the extremely Japanese (hyperactive female voice-over included) reveal trailer:

While I have absolutely zero idea what what the writing (or voice-over) means in English but Siliconera handily tells us:

“Like in a traditional rhythm game, you tap the touchscreen to the rhythm as the heroines Azuki and Matcha sing. The lyrics are also displayed onscreen, and you have to fill in blanks every few verses. Thanks to the Vocaloid technology loaded in the game, the girls will sing whatever syllables you choose, even if you pick them in the wrong order. As the girls perform, you will gather more audience members.  

The game will contain songs created with the iOS app Song Composer 575, including works by popular artists from Nico Nico Douga. In addition, there will be a story following Azuki and Matcha as they seek to enliven their ordinary lives. Azuki is voiced by Yuka Otsubo, whereas Matcha is voiced by Ayaka Ohashi. They are designed by Hiro Kanzaki, the character designer of the novel/anime series My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.”

The game is set to launch 23rd January however whether it will ever be localised is a mystery (though I’m guessing not so you can almost certainly expect an import review from me next year).

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  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t exactly get these types of games. I mean, I understand the rhythm portion of it, and picking the right words for them to say in between bouts of tapping sounds really neat (especially since they’ll sing it wrong if you enter it wrong, could be something other music based games could steal), I just don’t get the whole vocaloid thing. I guess I’d have to one day take the plunge to find out, but I won’t be doing so any time soon. Not that into J-Pop. I suppose that just means I’m not the target demographic. lol. Put this in Rockband, though, I’m there.

    Also, in a message for Sega: If you do bring this over to the west, and you realize how niche it is, isn’t it time to just bring over Valyria Chronicles 3 also?

    • Yuuki

      well i doubt anything that is vocaloid related would be niche 😉