Tearaway is the latest game developed by Media Molecule. The makers of Little Big Planet have a long history of helping players create their own in game experiences.  The world of Tearaway is constructed entirely of paper, which means that one could dream of designing their very own real life paper creations. A company that seeks to make dreams come to life, it has been reported that Media Molecule will be including unlockable in-game plans to guide you through building your own real life papercraft based on the Tearaway world.


Here’s some of what Community Manager James Spafford had to say about the news today:

“To help you along your way, we’ve filled the game with collectible papercraft plans, which you can unlock as you journey through the world. As you play, you’ll come across creatures, plants or objects that appear to be drained of their colour. Taking a picture of them with your character’s in-game camera restores their colour, and unlocks their plan.

Each plan has various different skins – blank ones, or colorful ones, so you can either make something that looks like it does in the game, or customise them to look completely different and unique to you.

The plans will be accessed on our community website, where you’ll find everything you’ve unlocked so far, and from here you’ll be able to print them out, make them, and fill your house with papercraft!

The journey doesn’t end there though. Once you’ve made your papercraft model, you can upload a picture of your creation to the website to share it with the world, and you can browse everyone else’s models to get inspired.”

With Tearaway set to release on the Playstation Vita on November 22, it looks like we aren’t going to be just visiting games world, it will be coming to us!

What do you think? Will you be joining in and creating papercraft of your own?



  • Lester Paredes

    Maybe. I’m a little crafty, but I also have a daughter who likes to take all of my toys for herself. Currently, she has my Stitch doll in her possession. It’s official and from Disney World Florida! I had to put away my life-sized Dug plush because she kept trying to ride it like a horse. lol

  • Brian Sharon

    I’m not all that crafty at all, but I may try my hand a t a few. The moose looks amazing in the photograph, although I’m sure it’s very difficult to build.