Recently Sony’s Playstation Vita appeared on the television quiz show “Jeopardy!” in the most curious of fashions.


There are a couple of odd layers to this story, first of all is that the nature of the question itself actually has little to do with the Vita at all, in actuality the question is solely about the Katamari series by Namco Bandai. While Touch My Katamari was indeed a Vita game, it’s curious as to why they would choose this for the question, a $2000 dollar one at that.

Perhaps the think tank at “Jeopardy!” decided to go with the most recent title in the series, or maybe choosing a the Vita title mean that only the most hardcore gamers would know; or maybe – just maybe this is a marketing ploy. Who’s to say for certain?

Furthermore, just look at that question; could if of been more awkwardly phrased? “Jeopardy!” is written by intelligent people, for intelligent people. Don’t tell me there wasn’t another way to structure this sentence, especially when this particular episode of the show was aimed at kids. The writers could just as easily of gone with another entry in the series bypassing the bizarre nature of the question all together.

Let us know what you think of this strange appearance.