Atomic Ninjas has just been given a release date; October 15th – one week after the PlayStation 3 version releases. It’s a cross-buy title, meaning that if you buy the PSVita version you get the PS3 version with it.

For those unfamiliar with Atomic Ninjas, it’s an action game in which you control ninjas in online matches against other players. You are unable to directly kill other players; instead, you must outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents. Kill them using the environment; features such as lava pits, laser beams, traps, moving platforms, falling crates and more will help you in your mission. There are pick-ups, lifts, air vents, levers, ninja-launchers and hiding spots to augment your play style. Split-screen multiplayer and single-player matches against bots are also supported.

Here’s some information posted by Jacob Mikyska, CEO of Grip Games;

“Let me introduce you to the craziest and most hilarious feature of the whole game. It’s something we’ve been looking forward to show you for a very long time: the Noob Rage.

Sometimes, the biggest loser in the whole match who’s getting massacred by all the other players, is given a very unfair chance for sweet revenge. He’ll become a raging, screaming, unstoppable hulk for a few seconds — an absolute ruler of the game who dominates the arena. When you see that one of the other players has turned into the Noob, you only have one strategy to use: run for your life! Hilarity ensues.

Atomic Ninjas storm PS3, PS Vita later this year Atomic Ninjas storm PS3, PS Vita later this year
As if Atomic Ninjas wasn’t a crazy enough game, the Noob Rage is pure chaos. The player who gets this advantage can use it to increase their score, or he can use it to wreak havoc and deliver some good, old-fashioned payback. The Noob is faster than all the other ninjas, cannot be harmed, and the player instantly punches anything he touches.

The Noob effect remains for a few seconds, or until he manages to score some points (like killing someone in Deathmatch, or delivering a flag in CTF). At that point, he’ll finally calm down and the game will continue as normal.”

  • Lester Paredes

    I dunno about this game… I’ll have to wait and see.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I’m fairly hopeful on this – hopefully there will be a good reason to keep playing. Will definitely wait for reviews however as Deathmatch Village showed that with this type of game, sub mobile quality tripe can sneak out on console.