What is Deception?

You most likely don’t know the Deception series, which is kinda sad since its pretty funny. In the game you have to build traps in the castle of the Devil to kill invaders; sounds simple, but is far from it. This is partly due to the huge amount of ways the characters can walk and the limited number of traps that can be placed at a time.

The newest game in the series is called Deception IV: Blood Ties and will be released on PS3 and PSVita.


  • XtemmA2

    whoaaa, i can clearly remember that screenshot! i thought after deception 2 tecmo changed the title to “Trapt” or something? #2lazy2google

  • Lester Paredes

    wow! I remember this series! Gameinformer just did a begining to end replay of the PS2 incarnation not that long ago. Played by idiots, this one was pretty fun to watch. It’s on youtube, just look up gameinformer, super replay, and deception. That should pull it right up.

  • Yuuki