After unveiling the debut trailer for the game, a press release was sent out that described some  DLC content available for Dragon Ball Z. By either pre-ordering the game, or purchasing the Day One edition you will receive  exclusive downloadable content. However it is perhaps the Day One edition that will have fans salivating as the worlds of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z finally meet.

“The Pre-order offer comes in with 2 exclusive in-game DLC Characters, the almighty SUPER VEGITO and the father of our main hero and saviour: SUPER SAIYAN BARDOCK. Those two characters will be available solely via pre-order across Europe and Australasia! 

For eager fans planning on getting the Day 1 Edition, they will be pleased to know that NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe decided to include a bonus DLC with Goku (Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode) Costume.”

Both packs of DLC enticing to fans of the series, and it should be noted that you could combine the offers by pre-ordering the Day One Edition.


  • Lester Paredes

    Cool! I do like the design of this cross-over Goku. He looks all kinds of bad-ass!