Killzone Mercenary is … well let me paraphrase Mr. Ron Burgundy and say that it’s “kind of a big deal”. Not only is it the premier first-person-shooter experience on the Vita, it is undisputed best portable FPS in all of gaming’s history.

For all the praise that Killzone Mercenary gets for its tight controls, multi-faceted campaign, and exceptional multiplayer – one could be forgiven for forgetting that is has a fantastic soundtrack.

Scored by Telly award winning and Ivor Novello nominated composer Walter Mair, the soundtrack is exceptional. Cinematic in nature, each piece sets the stage for one of the greatest adventures ever to be put on a handheld, and as of today the official digital-soundtrack was made available  for download on the Sony Entertainment Network.

To give you an idea of the pedigree that the soundtrack has, here is some information about the soundtracks composer;

waltermair“Classically trained in Vienna, Walter Mair has previously created dramatic original scores for feature films such as The List,  Seamonsters and Alone In The Dark as well as commercials for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. His previous video game scores include the Ivor Novello nominated  Empire: Total War and Viking: Battle For Asgard. 

Mair’s diverse repertoire ranges from epic full orchestral scores recorded with 80-piece choirs to intimate, small ensembles and hybrid electronic scores featuring solo instruments and found sounds. To create unique sounds for each score, Mair employs his extensive collection of analog digital synths and effect processors, blending live orchestral arrangements with experimental post-recording techniques.”


The best part is that priced at only £3.99, you won’t have to be mercenary yourself to afford it.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Lester Paredes

    that’s pretty cool. It’s just sad that I didn’t really notice the music all that much while I’m playing. Kinda busy trying to not get killed an all. lol.