Monster Hunter is finally coming to PlayStation Vita.

Monster Hunter Frontier G is a subscription-based online action RPG. It will contain 10 new monsters, 21 current monsters becoming available at G-Rank, 3 new areas, over 150 G-class weapons, over 150 new pieces of G-class armor, 30 new skills, 4 new elementals and new actions for 11 weapon types.

It was released earlier this year on PC/X360 and is already slated to come to PS3 and WiiU later this year.

No word on a date for the PSVita version yet, other than “2014”. It’s worth noting that no version of Monster Hunter Frontier has even been published outside of Japan – this might be an import, fellas.

Official Website (Japanese)

  • Lester Paredes

    An import and a subscription… Ho-boy… the things I do for monster hunter…

  • Some are saying that the subscription service won’t work outside of Japan. Would need to look into that more or get confirmation as that would negate the point of importing.

    But great news for Japanese owners.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I just want MHU and MHP3 for vita!! remastered!

  • XtemmA2

    my 1000 hours experience of some past monster hunter series taught me how beautiful those beasts are, so i stopped playing. i don’t want to hurt any more of them. looking forward to toukiden, gods eater 2, and FREEDOM WARS!

  • JonofPDX

    Subscription model kills this outside of Japan. Aren’t enough people in the west willing to pay for this experience for Capcom to make a profit.

    I may be wrong of course but I just don’t see the western gaming audience wanting to play this THAT bad when they can get a similar monster hunting experience from Soul Sacrifice (or the upcoming sequel or Delta) for a one time charge.

    Is the game itself free (supported purely by subscription revenues)? That would at least get some people interested to try it for a month or two.