Some details have been regarding upcoming sequel Over My Dead Body 2; currently slated for PlayStation Vita.

If you’re not familiar with Over My Dead Body, it’s a PlayStation One role-playing game that begins with your character getting cursed.

Over My Dead Body (PS1)

After fighting a powerful demon, you’re cursed to age fifty times faster than normal. Since you’ll only have two years to live, the gods take pity on you and allow you to raise children – but your genetic condition is passed to them as well. Your curse becomes a family curse… and the only way to break it is to gather enough strength to kill the demon.

As you progress through the game, you change people as you move through the generations (every two years in-game). Your offspring then acquire the weapons and skills you’ve gained through inheriting them from your previous progress. You build upon your last “life” with your next (and your offspring). The game gained a huge cult following, even being re-released with a refresh on PSP.

Over My Dead Body (PSP Refresh)

Over My Dead Body 2 is now slated to hit the PlayStation Vita – but other than the announcement we really haven’t had much information about this sequel. That’s just been remedied, as director Shoji Masuda has given us a crash course;

Matsuda states that the change from 2D to 3D was influenced not by the way the game was played or for graphical prowess, but to better show the hereditary resemblance between parent and progeny. He also states that in making this new game, they’ve taken into consideration fan requests. He stated they have a stack of fan requests and for every request that appears more than three times they put it on a consideration list for review.

“The one that had the most [requests] was about about removing the limit of having 256 people in your family tree. – At the time, it was limited due to the capacity of the PlayStation’s memory card, but this time you’ll be able to register at least 1,000 people, so I don’t think there will be any trouble. Also, ‘please let us have more than one save’ was another big one. This was also limited to just one in the past because of capacities, but this time you’ll get to have up to four saves.”

Masuda also teases the desire to add a new element of communication between players, possibly something regarding online;

“You see, playing Mahjong with computers is fun, but playing between people you know, is definitely much more fun,” shares Masuda “I’d like to capture the fun part of such a communication method and put it into Over My Dead Body. While we’ll be releasing more details a little at a time, I’m sure you’ll be baffled by it once you get to try it out for yourself.”

More details on Over My Dead Body 2 to come as we get them. The game is currently set to release next summer in Japan.

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  • Lester Paredes

    This sounds really interesting. I’d certainly like to give it a whirl if it ever comes to the west.

  • Yuuki

    Fans on twitter ask for localization too