An update on the changes in this new iteration of Soul Sacrifice.


In addition to the dark and light factions in the original (based on direct live-or-die choices), Soul Sacrifice Delta has introduced a third faction called Grimm. This third faction is all about chance, allowing the heavens to decide the fate instead of making the decision yourself. By leaving it to fate by choosing Grimm, you will gain both magic and life points – regardless of the fate of the subject. The purpose of this faction is unknown, but will be unveiled as we learn more.


Delta will be bringing a Grimm’s Fairy Tale theme to the maps in this new revision, as well as bringing back remastered versions of the originals. That remaster includes a re-working of the physics as well; when monsters go berserk they’ll now be able to destroy the environment – adding an element of danger to that rock you’re hiding behind.


New monsters will join the old; weapons will get enchantments… the changes in store are plenty.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release in Japan this March.


  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds like this update is actually worht the money, with the new content, new physics and stuff. i may not feel so bad about upgrading. Hopefully, all the DLC for the current Soul Sacrifice will be included with Delta, with some more on the way, no doubt.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    This will came as DLC or new game?