PlayStation Japan has debuted a new concept trailer for the PS VITA TV that clearly displays many of the device’s features.

The trailer dubbed “Global Concept Movie” has a strong emphasis on the family unit, making a point to illustrate how the hardware will integrate into living rooms in the near future.

One interesting aspect of the trailer is that it features “actors” from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and has also been provided in English. Perhaps we are reading far into things, but considering there have been no official plans to bring the PS VITA TV to Western shores as of today; one has to at very least wonder.

PS VITA TV is schedule to arrive in Japan in November 2013, while release dates for other regions are still yet to be announced

  • WhyWai

    fake gamers play game too exaggeratedly.. lol

  • Lester Paredes

    Stop giving me bad actors and let me give you my money so you can give me your Ps Vita TV!