Publisher PQube and game developer Milestone have sent out a press release this morning that indicates some of the new features players will find in October when they pick up WRC 4.

Here are the notable exerts from the release:

“Among new features of this 2013 edition, players will have the chance to experience new lighting conditions, new weather effects depending on the stage, and a brand new Career Mode to put the player into real driver’s shoes . Realism and immersion are two of the most important pillars of the development, with impressive 3D environments and an HDR system that will grant the best in-game performance.

“We’re really happy to be part of this exciting WRC 4 announcement and to announce so many new features in the 2013 version of the game”, affirms Milestone’s Luisa Bixio.

“This brand new chapter, different from the previous reboot of the series, will include many of the improvements requested by the community. A lot of the features that we’ve seen on the official Facebook page or received by mail have been incorporated. We’re convinced that WRC 4 represents a step forward for the series and will be appreciated by players.”, concludes Bixio.”

“WRC 4 is the official game for the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship and features all the rallies from the 2013 WRC calendar, complete with all leading WRC teams and drivers in the revamped Career Mode to turn players into real WRC drivers. WRC 4 also features an improved version of the graphics engine, called Spikengine, launched last year.”

“WRC4 will be available in October 2013, for Xbox 360®, Windows PC, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita. ”


  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Can’t wait! I really have an appreciation for Milestone. They’ve served us Vita owner’s well so far with three games and counting!

  • Michael Rogers

    I hope it actually has the full home console content this time. Visually WRC 3 was already pretty good. Though any further advances would be nice (having seen how far KillZone has come on compared with Resistance last year).

    • StarTrekGuy1701

      Agreed,i loved last years wrc, but i got tired of the selection of cars it had. it was either subaru, evo, or citroen.
      would be nice if they included classic rally cars like the lancia delta
      and stratos, audi A4, or 98 collin mcrae impreza 22B. But, Im getting
      it either way, im a big rally fan. add me on psn for killzone!!!

  • Satu Patel

    Loved wrc 3! Thank you from the states. Though I imported my copy from the UK I wasn’t able to download the free content. A full console edition for the vita would be the holy grail.