Originally released on PC in 2011 by developer Mode 7,  indie  game Frozen Synapse gained quite the receptions due to its outstanding soundtrack, modern asynchronous mulitplayer and  strategic turn-based combat. Two years later the game is making a transition to the PlayStation Vita in the form of Frozen Synapse: Tactics; but make no mistake this is no simple port.

New developer Double Eleven have promised to deliver a fresh product for new fans and old fans alike, however until now very little was known about the project other than a few screenshots.

Today Double Eleven released a brief teaser trailer that features a “alpha code” build of the game in motion.
It is absolutely clear is that the game has benefited from a massive graphical overhaul with players and combat being beautifully rendered.

Frozen Synapse: Tactics has no official launch date for the PlayStation Vita but is slated for release sometime in 2013