If you like Indiana Jones parodies and platformers, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Tadeo Jones is being developed by U-PLAY Studios for PlayStation Vita.

If you’ve never heard of Tadeo Jones, I’m right there with you; but according to google it’s a Spanish language Indiana Jones parody aimed at “family” audiences. If the game follows the movie closely, it’ll be set in Peru where Tadeo must save the lost city of the Incas from a bunch of treasure hunters.

Some screens, courtesy of meristation.com

More information as we get it, as usual; no release date has been announced.

Update: a game play video has surfaced.


  • Lester Paredes

    Parodies are great! I just hope the game is good. It certainly has it’s art style down. Makes me think of Metal Slug. I sure do love me the art of metal slug.

    • nonscpo

      I just saw an unboxing video today for this game on YouTube. I’m gonna watch some let’s play footage. Very tempted to import this game as it is very unusual to come across a Spanish language exclusive game.

      • Lester Paredes

        I saw that in my feed today. Didn’t watch it yet. Latest vita games?

        • nonscpo

          Yeah, even he was surprised about coming across it on his channel and talked a little about it. I know theres a movie about it, will have to check it out.
          P.S. I had an increadibly difficult time finding a website that actually sells the game. The only website I came across was xtralife.es and they want 26.95 Euro’s for it. Hopefully I can come across something a little cheaper.

  • Kevin Scott

    Is it releasing in NA?