Continuing from the overview of Primary weapons in Killzone Mercenary I posted just after release, this feature is on Secondary weapons, including; handguns, shotguns, grenade launchers and RPGs.

Together with the Primary weapons, the Secondary weapons make up your main arsenal – you’ll want to make sure that you think out your picks, as they will either compliment or enforce each other. An example of complimentary weapons are a sniper rifle and a shotgun – one for long range and one short; an example of weapons enforcing each other would be pairing a silenced sniper rifle with a silenced pistol – it’s still a good pair but only for a certain play style (stealth). Primary and Secondary weapon choice is important, thank about that as you read through this guide.

The first class of weapons under the Secondary umbrella is the hand-guns, including the STA-18SE, STA-18, M4 and M2 (tranquilizer pistol). The VC8 is a handgun as well – sort of; it’s actually classified as a “shotgun pistol” and is in sort of a hybrid weapon class.

aThe STA-18SE should be your first choice if you need a secondary weapon that’s both silent and deadly. With a twelve round clip and forty-eight in reserve, you’ve got five full clips of ammo – add in a silencer for good measure and you’ve got a best friend in any covert mission. It has reduced damage at a distance (due to a reduction in muzzle velocity with the silencer) but is perfect for short-mid range headshots or rage-taps.

bThe STA-18 is simply the non-silenced version of the above gun. Being without a silencer, it has a longer range and puts out more damage than its quieter counterpart. This is the one for the runner-and-gunner; it features the same 12/48 configuration (five clips), only this time they’re much more deadly.


cThe M4 revolver is a high damage, lower-than-average everything else type of handgun. With a small clip, slow fire rate and slow reload speed, it’s only really suited for those times you just need a little push to survive (unless you’re a head-shot pro with the iron sights). Being a revolver, it only holds six rounds but there are fifty-four in reserve (ten full loads).


dThe M2 tranquilizer pistol is a non-lethal weapon. It fires toxin-laced darts which incapacitate enemies for a short period of time, allowing you to interrogate or melee them at your pleasure (or even steal a difficult head-shot). Being a specialized gun has its downsides, however; the gun only holds one dart at a time and you’ve only got five total – making the decision to use this non-lethal method a possibly lethal one for you.

The second set of weapons in the Secondary class are the shotguns. Though the VC8 is also sort of a handgun, since it’s a hybrid with more shotgun characteristics than handgun ones it’ll be covered here. The shotguns in Killzone Mercenary are the LS13, VC8, LS18 and STA-12.

eThe LS13 is an average run-of-the-mill shotgun, with no special attributes. It comes with a six-shell load and thirty extra shells, giving six full loads of the shotgun. The fire rate is a bit weak, but the damage is slightly above average to compensate. It’s good if you just want to use a regular shotgun for some reason, though I’d definitely recommend one of the specialized shotguns over this.

fThe VC8 shotgun pistol is a unique weapon; it harnesses the strengths of a shotgun in handgun form. With a three round load and thirty three in reserve, it’s got twelve full load-outs and a lot of stopping power. Fire rate and range aren’t the greatest, but the VC8 more than makes up for it in damage. This is the gun to pull out when you’re up close and ready to get messy.

gThe LS18 shredder shotgun is a power house; it features armor piercing shells and a high rate of fire though suffers in range and accuracy as most shotguns do. With an eight-shell load and thirty two bullets in reserve, you’ve got five full loads of the gun before you run out – which should be more than enough to handle most situations.

hThe STA-12 inferno shotgun holds a special place in my heart; in that it sets people on fire. Other than that, it doesn’t really have many redeeming qualities – it’s got a small amount of ammo and is sub-par in every area but damage. Four incendiary shells at a time with sixteen in reserve only makes for a maximum of twenty burned enemies… what a shame, I’d have liked more.

jThe third class in the Secondary slot includes only one weapon; the M327 grenade launcher. It fires frag grenades in an arc, making it best for shooting into cover positions or over large objects. With six shots in the gun and six in reserve, you’ve easily got twelve kills from this explosive secondary – and probably more if you’re good at what you do.


The last class of weapons under the Secondary moniker are the RPGs (rocket-propelled grenade), including rocket launchers and trench busters. The M80, VC9 and VC11 all fit this classification.

iThe M80 is a single-shot rocket launcher with target locking – it requires that you lock onto your target before shooting (no free-fire). It’s incredibly accurate and has homing capabilities, though it can be dodged by some means. With four shots, this one’s got enough power to take out something big – or a lot of something small.


kThe VC9 is a free-firing rocket launcher, requiring no lock-on to fire. A less accurate version of the M80, it’s good for unique situations when homing isn’t quite what you want. It comes with five rockets.



lThe VC11 is a trench-busting weapon; firing explosive shells that shoot up, then propel down into entrenched positions to take out things impossible to hit by other means. It requires overhead clearance to fire but doesn’t require lock-on, and has a wide kill-zone.



The Secondary weapon class gives you a lot of choice to augment your play type, and as I’ve said before that’s something Killzone Mercenary does quite well – covering all the bases. My personal favourites here include the STA-18SE, VC8 and STA-12, though they all have a place in my arsenal.


There’s a usage situation for almost every weapon you’re given in Killzone Mercenary… and to be an efficient mercenary you’ll have to master every one. Stay tuned for the next feature in the series, where I’ll be covering the grenades and armor you’re offered – “riot gear”, if you will. 😉

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