XSEED Games are have set a release date for Valhalla Knights 3 in Western Markets. Fans of the action-JRPG will be happy to hear that on October 15th 2013 they can finally grab their copy. Additionally the game will launch day and date digitally on the PSN store, which is just icing on the cake for long awaiting fans.

Originally developed by K2 LLC, the game originally launched in Japan way back in May of 2013. Many Vita owners in the West have patiently bided their time, waiting for their turn to get their hands on the game.

Valhalla Knights 3 explores the question as to what truly happens when heroes from JRPG games get thrown in jail. A very common trope quickly becomes and interesting gameplay mechanic as players are tasked to infiltrate a highly guarded jail while undercover as a new prisoner.

Players can also expect to save quite a bit, as Valhalla Knights 3 is a notoriously difficult game; lacking auto-saves entirely.

Leading up to the games release there is sure to be more information to come.

Keep an eye on The Vita Lounge until then.


  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope that it’s better than the other games in the series. I’ve always been let down by it in the past. I sure do like the premise of this one, here’s hoping that the gameplay will match.