Unlike the usual “stretch goal” for Vita however, this one was designed for Vita – and only needs $200,000 to get there.

We first had a look at Edge of Eternity back in August when Jon gave us a look at some screenshots and video, but now the Kickstarter campaign is finally here. With a $200,000 base goal and twenty-eight days left to meet it ($6,000 already collected) Edge of Eternity is only just starting out; let’s give them a little push, shall we?

Edge of Eternity is a Space J-RPG with an old school turn based combat system. The action takes place in a world whose design combines some steampunk influence – the best Japanese RPG – and Medieval age influences.

Through mysteries and softness, we built characters that you will join in a very exciting adventure of action, explorations, revelations and unexpected situations.

Plot Summary

The end of peace for the world of Heryon has come to the edge. An alien civilization has invaded the world to conquer everything, and enslave anyone that would step into their ways, spreading chaos and death through a virus that turns people and animals into metal monsters.

Daryon, the hero, is forced to leave after being haunted by his kind now turned into monsters. Left to the unknown, he decides to throws himself into a crusade of freedom and bravery, to save his world and discover his real origins. His devotion to the world of Heryon will lead him in an adventure he never expected.

The music was fully composed by Cedric Menendez. His influences for the project come from the legendary Nobuo Uematsu (melodic part), Jeremy Soul and Hans Zimmer (orchestral ones).

Cloud cross platform

Midgar Studio has created some new technologies, and one of them is the Cloud Cross Platform. You can at anytime save your progression on a platform and use the back-up on another.

It’s something worth looking into if you’re a fan of the classic jRPG or just RPGs in general – the cloud cross-platform option looks pretty awesome as well. 🙂