Zen Studios sent out a press report which has Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force arriving on the PlayStation Network on October 15 in North America, and a day later on October 16 in Europe.

Additionally more info on the game’s Starfighter Assault table was also released. It looks as though players will be asked to choose once again, but this time between the Rebel Alliance’s Fleet and the Galactic Empire’s Armada. Featuring iconic vessels such as the X-wingTIE Fighter as well as the Death Star II and fan favorite Millennium Falcon. However dodging turret fire and escaping destructible ramps will only be the beginning, as players aim at completing missions in order to improve their fleet through a series of upgrades. Pilots are also getting in on the action as it is possible to improve their rank during the duration of play.

It looks like players will be jumping into both a pinball game as well as a battlefield when they pick up Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force in two weeks time.