It looks as though later this year Idea Factory will be porting the first pair of what looks like a long string of classic “Otome” games to the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The first two titles to see their way on to Sony’s portable will be Amnesia V Edition (orig. Amneisa on PSP) and Hakuoki: Mirror Blossom Record (orig. Hakuoki on PSP).

Otome games typically utilize some form of social-relationship building mechanic outside of the main goal of the game. They have been described by some as “a video game that is targeted towards a female market” but in actuality gender is insignificant to the enjoyment of the game.

Both Amnesia V and Hakuoki: Mirror Blossom Record are set for release on December 19 2013 in Japan.

Here is an early look at the intro sequences for both games:

Hakuoki: Mirror Blossom Record

Amnesia V Edition


  • Yuuki

    Hakuoki wasnt that bad, maybe i will play it if it comes out here.