WARNING: Before I enter into information regarding New Crimal Girls: INVITATION I have to warn you that due to the  sexual nature of the content that some of the imagery and/or discussion could be perceived as offensive and potentially not safe for work (NSFW). That being said The Vita Lounge was made with a universal audience in mind and we pride or ourselves on delivering quality content. Thus we have withheld screenshots that were considered to be explicit in nature.

Part traditional JRPG, part romance-sim, part guilty sexual pleasure, New Criminal Girls: Inivation walks the minuscule line between naughty and nice.Today NIS (Nipon Ichi Software) chose to release a host of new content in regards to their latest game including screenshots, information, and a new element of gameplay titled “punishments”. 

Utilizing the Vita’s touch inputs “punishments” offer the player the ability to engage in a mini game to (you guessed it) punish or discipline in-game girls. To give players visual feedback for their “BDSM” tendencies, the  touched body parts of girls will become red, they will sweat due to supposed arousal or nervousness, clothes will subsequently shrink and/or become translucent or ripped exposing more skin. During the “punishment” process you will be given the ability to “level up”. When you manage to meet this expectation girls will respond by wearing increasingly revealing clothing.

Additional items will also be included such as blindfolds and masks which will allow the player to disorient and muffle the speech of the girl.


You will be able to hit girls by tapping them on the touch screen, prod them using the electric rod by sliding your finger across the front screen, and turn the girl around using the Vita’s rear touchpad. All inputs are touch sensitive and will in their harshness depending on pressure.Different outfits comprised of traditional clothing will also be available, as well as a few unusual accessories such as animal ears and tails.

It’s not all sexual deviance in New Criminal Girls: INVITATION though. When you aren’t getting naughty with gagged anime girls you will be trying to woo them with the goal of having “open her heart” for you. Once her trust has been gained she become much more affectionate toward the player. As a result of this new found relationship the player will then in turn consume less MP (Magic Points) in battle.

It could be labelled perhaps as a strange game, but is most definitely proof that there is quite literally a game out there for everyone.


Screenshots & Artwork:

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