You may remember that we were a little excited when news arrived that developerĀ WayForward and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero met its goal and was announced to be releasing on Vita. Well it seems that wasn’t the only trick that the little magician had under her (nonexistent) sleeves because the campaign surpassed its goal and met its first pair of Stretch Goals. Each one of the rewards unlocks additional content for the upcoming game.

The first Stretch Goal (at the $500k threshold) has unlocked Risky Mode:

“”Play as Shantae’s arch nemesis, the Nefarious Lady-Pirate Risky Boots! Risky stars in her own campaign which spans the entire game. Use your Scitmar and Pistol to pillage Sequin Land and defeat Shantae!”


The second Stretch Goal (at the $600K threshold) added a Bonus Chapter:

A mysterious invitation lures Shantae to the annual Magic Carpet Races at Cape Crustacean. When carpets begin to disappear one by one Shantae must unmask the culprit while racing for her life. Includes a new Transformation!”

With under 46 hours left in the campaign it will be interesting to see if the project can reach its next goal of $700kĀ which would in turn unlock a slew of wearable costumes that would change the attributes and abilities of the protagonist.