As fans head into the next generation of gaming the latest “console war” has become much of the focus of both fans and media alike. However when it comes to the portable space it seems as though the hostility between brands has somewhat dissipated as Sony have distanced themselves from comparison to the Nintendo 3DS. Instead of chasing the opposition Sony have strengthened their resolve and focus’d on increasing the install base of the PlayStation Vita.

In a recent interview with Games Industry International the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida described some of the key elements that will help stimulate Vita sales in the future, including the recently revealed “slim model” (PCH-2000) and the much publicized relationship with the upcoming PlayStation 4.

“We don’t necessarily talk about catching up to the 3DS – but we’d like to increase the installed base of PS Vita. For us to be able to provide better hardware, in our mind – the new PS Vita is slimmer and lighter, easier to hold, has some internal memory from the get-go, so it’s a bit more value – but the important thing is to continue to provide great games and game experiences. The games can come not only from PS Vita’s dedicated games – Vita and PS4 are designed with each other in mind, to connect to each other,”

David Perry

“If you own a PS4, you can play PS4 games via remote play, and once we start the Gaikai service, you’ll be able to play PS3 games on PS Vita. We continue to add our services on PlayStation, and for PS Vita, the enjoyment and the sources of games will expand, not just from PS Vita dedicated games. Those are the strengths that we have on PS Vita compared to other products – it’s a device that you can use to enjoy PlayStation content from different sources.” said Shuhei Yoshida

It is clear that Sony have taken a confident stance as they position themselves to no longer compete in the same arena as the 3DS, but perhaps create their own playing field.


  • WhyWai

    well 3DS is on fire, Vita is no likely gonna catch up.. even their PSP mirale of Monster Hunter jump ship to Nintendo…