You may remember Switch Galaxy Ultra from its debut at Gamescom this year. Set for release on the PlayStation 3PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita the arcade-twitch style racer has players navigating their ship on a series of rails. all while dodging obstacles and enemies at extremely fast speeds.

It was known since the games announcement that the English Developer and Publisher Atomicom would have some sort of partnership with the national charity “Caudwell Children“, but the full extent of what that meant was not known at the time.


“We are delighted to announce our support for Caudwell Children.

We have wanted to work with the charity for a while and feel this is the perfect time for us to support them so we devised an exclusive download pack for them with sales of this going to help support the work they do. We can’t wait to launch the game as it’s really come a long way since we launched Switch on mobile back in 2011, it’s quite an amazing story for us to have the latest version launching on PS4 and PS Vita and to bring Caudwell Children with us along for the ride.” said Gary Nichols CEO and Co-Founder of Atomicom at Gamescom 2013.

Today however a press release was sent out detailing the exclusive content that was created through the collaboration.

“Switch Galaxy Ultra will feature a Caudwell Children download pack which will include an exclusive Caudwell Children ship upgrade and provide players with access to exciting new levels and special features. All of Atomicom’s profits from the pack will be donated to the charity.”


Personally I believe that games as a medium have  the potential to instill so much empathy and understanding into those who experience them, however this goes above and beyond even what I had hoped for. It is humbling to see all that Atomicom are doing to support those in need, actions that do not fall on deaf ears.

Here is the CEO of Caudwell Children Trudi Beswick response to the partnership :
“The announcement that Caudwell Children will play a key role within Switch Galaxy Ultra is a fantastic one for the charity.

Having our own download pack within the game will in no small way help us deliver practical and emotional support to families caring for disabled children. I would like to thank all the team at Atomicom for their generosity and I look forward to seeing Caudwell Children’s name spread further.”

Switch Galaxy Ultra will be released on November 15 2013 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but will eventually be made available for the PlayStation 3.