SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia) had a rather large announcement today as they’ve sent out a report which details the arrival of the soon to be released PSN exclusive RPG, Destiny of Spirits as a international beta test. ┬áThe beta test will unfold world wide concurrently on October 24th and will cease on November 1st.

Moreover the windows for the application process launched this morning and will continue to run until October 16th and accepted testers will receive notification on October 23rd.

The turn-based RPG will have players commanding a army of spirits that are theirs to breed, command, and upgrade. The project is a collaboration between a couple of Sony’s powerhouse studios. The interesting partnership between SCE Japan Studios (Knack) and Q Entertainment (Luminis) is enough for us her at TVL to be interested in the result.

During the duration of the beta-test players will be free to roam the world with virtually no limitations. All levels, spirits, areas of the game world, and even special daily events will be accessible to players in their time as beta testers.

Japanese players have been prompted in the report to download a “ticket” from the PSN store that will access to the beta. Unfortunately this special ticket has not yet been made available for the North American or European markets.

We know that Destiny of Spirits is a game that many of you are looking forward to and we will have more here at The Vita Lounge as the situation develops.

Here is some gameplay from the game shown at E3 2013:

  • aros

    I played the beta every day and got some very good spirits but overall this just seems absolutely awful. There’s very little gameplay and the fears about auto-battling in iOS f2p style were all correct.